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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sunny Saturday

It was a B-U-TI-FUL day in our part of the country today! The sun was shining, the temps were great, and the humidity was not bad either. Very strange for mid-July in Missouri but I ain't complain' one bit. Momma and Daddy were working on the back patio today while I enjoyed the sun.
Hi Mom! I thought you were helping Daddy but I won't tell him you're goofing off.
It is quite bright out here....what do ya gotta do to get some shades around here? I am getting older and need to protect my eyes so I don't get cadillacs.
(cataracts--I had to put that joke in here for my Gramps!)
Hi Daddy! I'm glad you decided to spend break time with me.
Can you say heaven?
Hey! Where you going?
Then they went to the grocery store and left me home alone....they NEVER take me to the grocery store and I don't know why. I'm pretty sure I would love it. They brought in bags and bags of yummies and after I checked 'em all out it was time for more sunbathing in my favorite chair.
Then I did something that really confused Mom.
My favorite sunbathing chair...
...me sunbathing......
.....on the floor under my chair?????
What can I say? I was enjoyin the new floor!


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

It is ALWAYS important to keep them guessing!

Woo looked sooooo furry khomfy in your pikhs!


chicamom85 said...

I love to through them off also Twix. Good job! I bet the new floor feels nice and cool on your belly.

licks and sniffs, Sasha

Cloud the Wonder Dog said...

You look so cute, Twix! It was a beautiful day here too, I wish it was like this all summer, BOL!

D0gl0v3r said...

We wish to have a yard like ya Twix! DoMo only gets to see 4 walls of cement everyday. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Twix, it is me Dachshund Luke!
Thanks for popping in to see me - I was having fun chasing my ball but for some reason my human got worn out.
You look very cool and mellow sunbathing, think I am going to give it a try.

Abby said...

Hi, Twix...

Yep...Sunbathing it great, but every now & then the cool floor feels good, too...

Abby xxxooo

Elizabeth said...

Seems like you had a pretty good day.
Buster says he wishes he had your nice green back yard to play in.
Happy Sunday.

Bijou said...

Hi Twix,

Yeah the grocery store is off limits for us too. Mom says it is super cold in there so we wouldn't like it anyway. Whatever mom.

Isn't this weather great? I hope it stays like this forever.

Wags & wiggles,

sadermaxx said...

Hi twix

Sadie likes to look though the bags when we get back from grocery shopping to well she has to check out every bag we say she is shopping when she noses though the bags.

The Army of Four said...

"Cadillacs". Hee hee hee! Good one, Twix!
Ooooh, hey, Dad-o-Twix!!! More tummy rubs, please!!!

Kalyxcorn said...

luv the new floor. please send the magician over to my house cause it's been like 18 years since we had a new floor! ;) baxter

Rufus, Indie (and Anita) said...

Hi Twix! You look so relaxed! There is nothing better than a good sun bath!

Rufus and Indie

Mochi and Mommy said...

Hmm...maybe the chair had too much sun? Gotta have the right mixture of sun and shade. :)

I don't get to go to the grocery store with them either. They said something about me eating everything in sight?

Hope you're having a great weekend!


Lorenza said...

Hi, Twix!
Spending time in the backyard while your mom and dad were working sounds great to me!
And with breaks to rub your tummy much better!
The new floor looks great. I understand you want to be there!
Kisses and hugs

The OP Pack said...

So where's your ice cream?

Yes, it was a gorgeous day here, wasn't it? And the whole weekend too. Phantom loves to nap in the sun too.

Woos, the OP Pack

Thor said...

It´s a pitty you can´t go to a grocery store with them! That sounded like a lots of yummy things! You look furry comfy in the new floor:)

Woodrow, Sweetie, MJ Campanella said...

wow sunbathing is awesome - great time

Woodrow, Sweetie & MJ

Nibbles Treats said...

You and Oscar are two peas in a pod!

Lots of treats,
Tinkerbell, Oscar and Tucker