I'm so lucky to have so many furiends!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Twix's Flashback Friday: The Princess and the Chair

Just a few silly photos of Twix and her chair today.

I still miss this little girl every single day.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Friday, April 18, 2014

Twix's Flashback Friday: Cats

Twix was not a fan of cats.  When she was a puppy, we were visiting my brother and I couldn't find her.  After some looking, I found her hiding behind the couch trembling.  She was hiding from my brother's cat who had swiped her across the nose.  That was the beginning of Twix's lifelong war with cats.  Of course, this never applied to her online cat furiends :0)

Today's flashback was originally posted on April 30, 2009.


There is a cat that sometimes comes and sits outside the sliding glass door....drives me insane! I guess that cat has not seen me express my feelings recently. 
Just in case anyone is wondering......

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Unexpected Blogging Break

I'm sorry I've been M.I.A. for a while.  At first, Mom was too tired when she got home from work to help me and that lasted a couple weeks.  Then, Daddy was in the hospital last week due to some minor complications from some tests he had to have done.  He is fine now and I am so happy to have him back home with me!  

This was me while he was in the hospital:

Momma didn't appreciate the way I was laying on Daddy's pillows.  She said I could have given her a better view!

So, in my last post, I said I would show you something I got from my pawrents for my Gotcha Day.  

This was one great gift!!  The package said it was a Humerous Bone and Mom tossed it on the floor for me.

I snatched that bag up and headed to someplace more comfortable than the hard floor.  And, in case you're curious, I was able to hop up on the couch while carrying that!

I went to work on the bag.

And it didn't take me long to get to the inside!

Let's see if this thing tastes as good as it smells.....


Should I have another taste or find some secret 
place (on the couch) to bury it?  

I chose to give it another taste.

Oh, this is soooooo good! 
 It just puts a smile on my face!

Uh, please forgive me for being rude.....

I just can't.....stop......gnawing!!!

You see that look in my eyes?

 It is pure happiness!

Can we make every day my Gotcha Day?

I know this is a pic heavy post but apparently I am a little humorous while eating a Humerous Bone!

Hopefully Mom and I will be able to get around and visit everyone this week.