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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Have You Heard?

Have you guys heard of MixBook?
I just recently learned about them and wanted to let you know that you can make photo books on their site.  As a matter of fact, Momma is working on one now.  When we get it we will be doing a review and a GIVEAWAY for one of my lucky readers to get a photo book of their own ;o)
We just ordered my Christmas cards from them today because they are having a Cyber Monday sale for 50% off right now. The sale doesn't end until Wednesday night.  When I do my review I will be giving out a coupon code for 20% off but thought any procrastinators out there (like my mom) might want to get some Christmas cards or Christmas gifts for half price. 

Momma says she has had fun working on the photo book and the program is really easy to use. They also have some fun features like stickers which she hasn't seen from other programs before. She showed me this so I know it is real.....they even have a pre-made pet book that you can put your own photos in! How fun is that? Books just for us bloggers! Anyway, we wanted to let you know about the upcoming giveaway and the great discount currently available.

Mom and I have not had much time to visit for about a week. Please be patient with us.
We wanted to let you know that my grandma is having some tests ran on Thursday so we could use some extra paw power and prayers between now and then. The waiting to find out what is wrong is the hardest part!

And, for you puppy lovers out there.......

Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Story of Me & Christmas Shopping Spree

Thanks to Minna for hosting "The Story of Me" on this wonderful Thanksgiving 2010.

I don't have much of an adoption story because my Momma got me when I was 5 1/2 weeks old.
She had another doxie, Max, and he passed away in February 1999 after living a wonderful 17 years.
I usually post the same photo of Max but today,
we have a new and different one for you to enjoy.

Momma (she didn't know Daddy yet) wasn't ready to get another dog right away. One day one of her coworkers said her neighbor's dogs just had puppies....and they were doxies! Momma agreed to go and look at them. I was 3 weeks old at that time. There were about 6 puppies there and Mom played with them all and loved on all them. She picked me up and I fell asleep in the palm of her hand....belly up. She liked my coloring too. I was chocolate and tan. So, she told the lady she wanted to get me.
First puppy photo of me EVER on the blog!
See, I haven't been lying to you, I was chocolate and tan!

Mom was planning to get me several weeks later because she was in the middle of moving. The lady called Mom the first week of August (I was born June 20) and said she needed to come and pick me up. Mom said she thought I was too young to be away from my birth mother but the lady said all the other puppies were already gone and she had someone else interested in me if she didn't come to get me.
So, I moved in with Mom and all her boxes. I was certainly too young to be away from my first home but Momma put me in bed with her that night and that made me feel more comfy. Matter of fact, I was so comfy I woke Momma up in the middle of the night pushing on her tummy.....looking for something to eat.

Taken after I was "fixed".
Didn't know I was broken to start with!

I am not a registered dog and was relatively inexpensive and yes, I came from a backyard breeder. Mom and Dad don't care where I came from they love me no matter what and that is what I am most thankful for today!

Frankie requested I tell how I adopted my dad today too. Most of you guys know how much of a Daddy's girl I am. It didn't start out that way at all!!

I was about 2 years old when Momma and Daddy met.  When she told Dad that she had a Dachshund he said, "I don't like little dogs.". Mom asked how did he know if he liked me or not if he never met me. He said again he didn't like little dogs and he knew he wouldn't like me. So, whenever he came over to our house and had dinner he would eat off a TV tray in the living room.  My daddy eats bread and butter with every meal and he would put his bread on a napkin next to his plate on the tray. Following me here? Since he didn't like me, I decided I didn't like him either and he knew it. The first moment he wasn't looking at his plate I would reach up there real quiet like and snatch a slice of that yummy bread and butter off his tray. I was so quick that I had most of it eaten before he ever realized what happened.
Ah, those were the days ;o)
So, Mom and Dad started dating in Sept 2001 and after the first of the year Mom got really sick and was in the hospital for a couple of weeks. Daddy came over and took care of us during that time. (We also had another doxie that you will get to meet over the next few weeks.) He felt so sorry for me that he spoiled me rotten while Momma was in the hospital.  I decided I liked him after he started spoiling me!
He says we "bonded" during that time.

Daddy and I after "bonding".


Thanks to Frankie for hosting the Christmas Shopping Spree for our parents today too!

For Christmas, I would give my parents a new king size bed. They both dislike my queen size bed that I share with them. If we shared a king size bed, maybe they would quit complaining about how much room I take.

Next I would buy them a lifetime membership to Petco. That way, they won't have to stress out when I'm needing something new and they are out of green papers.

For my momma, I would buy this:

Not the phones, the herd ;o)

And for my daddy I would get this:

Have a Twixerrific Thanksgiving!!!!!
Turkey Day Pictures, Images and Photos
Note from Twix: I know some of you have read that we need some paw power sent our way on Frankies' blog. It is really my grandma who needs it. Even tho she finished her chemo treatments in April she is having some complications related to that. I can give more details in the future when we get some answers. Please pray and cross paws that what the docs think is wrong with her is not it!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Look Who I Got To Meet

We went over to Grandma and Grandpa's house last night and look who was there!

Baby Elizabeth!
This is the first time I got to meet her. I've never been around such a tiny baby before. Last time I was around a baby was when I was a pup and my cousin Kayla was about a year old.....that was eleven years ago!


Hi there, Little One!

You hiding any yummy treats in there?

She ain't got no treats :o(
I thought I've heard some of you say these
things were treat dispensers.
Hmmmmm....This one must be broken.

So, while Momma was holding Elizabeth, I got a little jealous. 
Guess what I did?
No, I didn't bite Momma or Elizabeth.
Nope, I didn't growl or bark either.
I'll give you one more guess.
Yep, that's right, I tinkled on the rug in front of the door.
Hey! At least I didn't do it on the carpet!

Next thing I know, Gwen is giving me the stare down.

Look out there kitty cat!
I'm gonna start barkin and chasin any minute!
On your mark, get set......

Mom? Can you make her move????

Note from Mom:  Twix usually barks and goes crazy around cats because she was attacked by one when she was a puppy.  There are 2 cats at my mom's house and if Twix gets a glimpse of Sammy she starts barking and growling.  For some reason she is not that way around Gwen. We can't quite figure it out but maybe it is because Gwen isn't scared of Twix and doesn't run from her....?????

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sunday, November 14, 2010


The other day, my daddy was busy doin somethin
and I needed to check it out. 

I asked him what he was doin.
He didn't answer me so I thought I needed to
 get all up in his snooter get closer and ask again.

He said, "I WAS workin on the table that your momma
broke til you decided to stick your nose in my grill".

"Daddy, you can keep workin on it.
I am here to lick your skin off assist you."

Then he told me I was NOT helping!!!
Can you believe that?

Note from Mom: I didn't break the table,
it is an old piece of junk and it fell apart!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Pure Happiness

This past weekend was absolutely beautiful!!!!
You guys know I am a warm weather girl so for me to say a November weekend was beautiful......well, you get the idea.

I was able to fulfill my sun bathing duties.

Notice the look of pure bliss on my face.

We have had some nice days lately but the wind has been blowing a lot and I don't like the wind too much.
I tend to lay on the ground and try to cover my ears when it is windy.  Along with the wonderful sunshine we had no wind on Saturday either!

Oh no! I feel a photo shoot coming!

Should I run or stay?

Shoot away, Mom.
 This sun is too wonderful to worry about you taking pics.

Time out for security duty.

A photo of Dachshund Heaven!

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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

This is a wordless post from me but if you put your ears close to the computer and listen very carefully.....
you will probably hear my mom giggling!