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Saturday, April 11, 2009

How'd ya get that Name?

When people meet me for the first time, they look at me and then ask either Mom or Dad, "Is you favorite candy bar a Twix?". Of course, they reply, "N0".

Lets go back several years....My momma met me for the first time when I was 3 weeks old. That is when she chose me out of all my brothers and sisters--lucky me! (That is another story for another time.) At that time I was a tiny chocolate and tan (caramel is what Mom prefers to say) dachsie. After I came home, Mom had a hard time picking out my name but finally decided to name me after a candy bar because of my color. Okay, so we finally have it narrowed down. I mean, how many candy bar names are there anyway? Well it seems I was a bit naive because there are hundreds of candy bar names.

Here we go....Hershey--no, most chocolate dogs have that name. Zero--kinda cute but no, don't want to be thought of as nothing. Rolo--maybe. Snickers--no, same reason as Hershey. Chunky--NO! for obvious reasons. Reese's--maybe. Kit Kat--I hate cats! The list went on and on. I came very close to being named Rolo but Mom finally decided on Twix. After all, I kinda look like a Twix bar...or at least, I did. At some point I started to change color and Mom was not too happy about it. And that is how a red dachsie ended up with a name like Twix.


Kayla said...

Did you know MY FAVORITE CANDY IS KIT KAT.Maybe that is where UUUUUUUUU got it from. Kayla

Twix said...

Did UUUUUUUUU ever think that you were a baby at the same time I was? UUUUUUUU probably had not ever had a KIT KAT when Mom named me.