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Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Day at the Zoo

Mom went to the Kansas City Zoo Saturday with her work. They were having "Family Day". Only thing is, I thought I was part of the family but she said I couldn't go. Daddy didn't get to go either......he had to work.
First they had lunch and some of the ladies brought some animals over for them to see. This is a hedge hog and Mom said it reminded her of me because of his little brown nose. She even got to pet it.
They also brought this chicken around and,
get ready for this one.....
This is a Polish Chicken from England!
No, your eyes are not deceiving you....you read that correctly.
Maybe we could enter this guy into the
Most "Ear"Resistable Contest.
There was a whole lotta sunbathing goin on!
There were some lions laying in the sun....
The meerkats were trying to tan their tummies.....
I'm not sure if he was sunbathing or just moving along.
Do you think this guy is comfy sunning on that rock?
With all that sunbathing I think I shoulda been able to go to the zoo. After all it is one of my favorite pastimes.

These two were holding hands...sweet!
Now, this guy was loads of fun according to Momma.
While he was rolling around in the mud he had the urge to 'break wind'. Have you ever heard a rhino break wind? It was quite long and quite loud. Fortunately, Mom was not close enough to smell it! There were a bunch of little boys (and men) there at this time and they all got a big kick out of hearing that! Apparently, rolling around in the mud feels better when you get to toot!
Giraffes are Daddy's favorite!
Mom decided to take some "artsy" photos too.
My mom is a strange one I tell ya!
I thought the zoo was for animal watching.
I'm not sure if this one is artsy or not but I decided to include it anyway.
I don't think I have seen Mom be artsy before. I wonder if this will be a new thing for her....
She did get some flower photos too but she said we have to save those for a few of our Flower Fridays.
Don't forget to let me know if you would like to go out on
Ladie's Night (see previous post).


Mochi and Mommy said...

Wow, she got to meet some really cool animals!

I think your mom did a great job with the artsy pics! :)


Cole said...

Great pics from your mom! That hedgehog is cute!

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

We like the Spiney Norman a lot!

Tank woo fur sharing those great pikhs! I bet it was great fun!


Lorenza said...

Hi, Twix!
Wow! Sure you mom had a pawesome time at the Zoo! The Rhino technique sounds great! I am going to try it next time I see a muddy spot!
Tell your Mom she did it great with the artsy pictures!
Kisses and hugs

DoDo and MoMo said...

Hi Trix,

We need a petition to allow Singapore national zoo allowing dogs to go in . . . ><;

We luv to go to the zoOooOooooo . . .

chicamom85 said...

Twix, I don't get it, the place is full of animals and we can't go. Try to figure that one out. The pictures are real nice. I hope you got lots of rest while everyone was gone.

licks and sniffs, Sasha

Bijou said...

Hi Twix,

Sorry you didn't get to go to the zoo. I bet you would have gotten real tired of all the walking and the many hoomans wanting to meet you though. The animals all looked to be enjoying the nice sunny day. Thanks to your mom for sharing the pictures.

Wags & wiggles,

Madi and Mom said...

Morning Twix,
Tell Mom great job on today's post!!! Very good pictures and commentary. Rhino story was our favorite. Who knew rolling in the mud required one to make 'music'!!! HA!!
Madi and Mom

sadermaxx said...

Wow Twix, those are some nice pictures,of some amazing animal!
Maybe they should have a dog day at the zoo, so you could go next time.

By the way we will email you any picture of Sadie that you might need for your girls nite out just contact us. She thinks it sounds like alot of fun.

kalyxcorn said...

what a nice day!!! what did the hedgehog feel like?

hugs, Baxter

Nibbles Treats said...

What fun! We had to laugh about the rhino. Our mom has a really funny story about a rhino she encountered at the Cincinnati Zoo. What is up with these silly guys?

Lots of treats,
Tinkerbell, Oscar and Tucker

Woodrow, Luna, MJ Campanella said...

the zoo looks very exciting - mommy says our ouse is a zoo - not sure why

sorry you didnt get to go

Woodrow - Sweetie - MJ

Brownie said...

Twix, you should have so gone to the zoo! I am sure the rhino would have loved company rolling in the mud, and you could have showed those lions a thing or two about lying in the sun in style! BOL!

Ruby and Penny said...

What a fun trip. Mom loves the zoo.
Love Ruby & Penny

The Army of Four said...

Cool pix, Twix! Those lions sort of remind me of us out on our deck. Ha roo roo roo!
What happened to our Chiefs this weekend?!?! Ah rooooooo!
Play bows,

Cloud the Wonder Dog said...

Wow, look at all those great zoo pictures! I'm glad to see that other animals like to sunbathe as much as I do. :-)


The OP Pack said...

Too bad you couldn't go, Twix. Mom says the KC Zoo has come a long way - wish we could go too. That rhino sounds interesting.

Play bows, the OP Pack

SEDONA said...

Hey Twix, your human has a good eye! Nice pics of the cool aminals & landscape. Boy Twin and Little Boy would've been ROTFL if they'd heard that rhino! It might've scared you, tho', so good thing you didn't go.
Your pal,

Audrey the Photographer Dog said...

That's so cool! Nice photos.

Life With Dogs said...

Artsy is good! I love this tour, and I miss my hedgehog. :)