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Friday, June 20, 2014

Happy Birthday, Twix!

Today is my baby girl's birthday.  She was born June 20, 1999.  For those of you who knew Twix, it will be no surprise to you that she was born on Father's Day.  In honor of Twix's birthday, I wanted to share a few of my favorite photos.  

This picture makes me laugh!  She was always wanting whatever was being eaten, in this case it was an orange.

Twix loved to sun herself and always looked so cute doing it!

Such a sweet face! 

Sometimes it was hard to turn her down when she begged. 

If you got outta line, she wasn't shy about letting you know.

She always looked so peaceful when sunning herself.

My number one favorite photo!

And now, some news from Taffy.....

Ok, I know I told you guys I was gonna get my mom to do her real job and help me more. As you can tell, that hasn't worked out very well yet.  However, Mom and Dad finally upgraded to smart phones this week!  Mom says it has been hard since she can no longer upload photos from her camera or memory card to the laptop.  She had to remember to take her memory card to work, upload the pics on her work computer, email them home, and them save them on the laptop.  Apparently, that is a lot of work and a big pain.  Now that she has a smart phone she can take pics with it and upload them so it should be a lot easier for her.  She is trying to learn how to use it but she is a slow learner!  So, we should be able to be around more fairly soon.

We have an exciting day planned on Sunday.  I'm not giving out details yet but I did spend the day at the spa yesterday.

I also had my nails painted royal blue!

I've got a busy weekend planned but, as I said, once Mom learns her phone we should be around a lot more.  Actually, that should be IF Mom learns her phone.  She is feeling like quite a doofus with it right now!  

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Wordless Wednesday.....Not Really

I have to apologize to my Blogville Furiends!  
Well, actually, my mom should be doing the apologizing but....well, you know how that goes.

I just don't know what more I can do with this woman.  She is the biggest slacker I've ever seen and no amount of dog treats seem to motivate her.  Can any of you give me any suggestions for getting this woman off her rear?  Or at least get her to stop doing so much online shopping?

I miss seeing you guys and reading about all your adventures.  Of course, I especially miss seeing my main Dood, Stanley, the most!  Hopefully, we will be around to visit everyone soon but it will take a bit for us to catch up!