I'm so lucky to have so many furiends!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Chair Shots

One of my bestest buds, Frankie Furter, loves to see me in my sunnin' chair. I haven't posted too many chair shots this summer and I'm afraid Frankie might start having withdrawl symptoms soon. So, Frankie, this post is just for you!

Do we have to do a photo shoot now?

Guess I might as well pose then.

One pose is all you get....I'm worn out!

Would it kill ya to clean the window?
I'd like to start a new art project someday.

What do ya mean I sit funny?
Have you looked in the mirror lately?

Last chair shot, Frankie.
And a cute one at that!

Now, how about some under the chair shots?

Why do you find it necessary to wake me from a good nap?

I'm not one to toot my own horn or brag (at least not like someone else we all know, Puddles!). But I would love for you to go and visit Hero's blog. He is my most handsome guy, ya know. Anyway, he put up a post of his late birthday gift from me and it is so cute and so sweet I wanted to share it with you all.
I'm lucky to have such a sweet guy!

Friday, September 24, 2010

I'm Showing You My Tongue

In honor of National Dog Week my bestest bud,
Twinkie, is sponsoring a
Show Us Your Tongue Contest.

The following photo is my official entry:

I'm not quite sure why, but I have ALOT of photos with my tongue out.  Mom and I had fun going through my photos and picking out some of our favorites to share with you.

Crooked tongue:

Raspberry tongue:

Can you help me get this chicken off my head tongue #1:

Can you help me get this chicken off my head tongue #2:

Peek-a-boo tongue:

Wavy tongue:


Popsicle tongue:

Demon possessed tongue:

ZZZZzzzz tongue:

Lovin' Daddy tongue:

Which one is your favorite?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Fresh Pet Select

Well, as usual, Mom has been neglecting her duties as my blogging secretary. I really don't know what on earth I'm gonna have to do to remedy this problem.....any ideas?
Apologies go out to Fresh Pet for our delay in getting this review out. My recent health troubles have really put us behind in all things blogging.
Now, I am about 2 months behind on giving you a report on those Fresh Pet products I received right before my birthday. 
You do remember that don't you?
Here's a reminder:

First of all, Mom was pretty surprised in what was sent to me to try out.  Our box contained the following products:

I'll let Mom give her review first and then I will let you know what I thought and share some pics and video with you.

First of all, I would like to say Thank You to Fresh Pet for selecting Twix to try and review their fabulous food.  If you aren't familiar with Fresh Pet you can read their philosophy here.  They use all natural ingredients and minimally cook them in order to preserve the nutrition. I like the fact that they don't use any preservatives either. I want you all to know that they asked me to write an honest review and that says a lot about their products right there.

 As most of our followers know, Twix has had some severe hair loss issues recently but she has had some degree of hair loss all her life. As a puppy, I was told it was food allergies and I spent a lot of time researching more natural and high quality foods for her. Earlier this year, her hair loss became much more significant and it was determined to be a thyroid issue.  We started Twix on thyroid medication around the same time we started using Fresh Pet. I don't know if her hair regrowth is from one or the other or both.  I can tell you that originally we were told that there was a possibility that her hair would not grow back at all. As most of you have seen, her hair is continuing to grow back and it is looking great! 

I cannot think of any negatives with Fresh Pet but I would say that the positives include: easy to feed, Twix LOVES it, good varity, healthy for her, wonderful ingredients (and I can pronounce everything on the label!). I know that isn't everything I have thought of as I've fed this to her but I am honestly very pleased with the products and their overall quality. It's nice to give her treats that I feel are healthier for her as well. The Dog Joy treats are soft enough to hid a pill in too!   
Enough from me....back to the star of A Wiener Dog Blog! 

I have to say, I fell in love with this food!  Momma and Daddy would give me some when they got home from work everyday.  It didn't take long until I was crying and whining as soon as they walked in the door because I knew what was coming. Momma would always make me go out and take care of business first.  Every day I would go tearing across the floor in order to get into the kitchen as fast as possible. I tried to make the trip just a teensy bit shorter one time and ran right into the side of the book case! Don't worry, it didn't stop me or even slow me down.

I really like the Dog Joy Treats
That is what Momma is holding in that very first photo of me. 
 Can you say YUM-MY?

Mom and Dad decided to give me 1/2 the daily amount recommended for my size so that I would eat dry food too. I didn't really like that decision but I didn't get much choice. Momma took a roll of the slice and serve and cut it into bite size pieces and put them in individual serving bags and froze them.
I love those soooo much!
It was like a meat popcicle....
What more could a dog want on a hot summer day?

And this is what the slice and serve looks like when it isn't frozen ;o)
Look at those yummy carrots and peas!
 I'm drooling just thinking about it!

Here is a collage of photos of me eating the
Again, YUMMY!
This stuff has gravy on it!!!!!

I am out of the Fresh Pet Select products that was sent to me and Momma has gone to two different stores to get some and came back empty handed.  She thought one of the stores she went to had it because she had been told that this grocery store chain carried it. I guess not all of them carry it.  The second store is just starting to carry it and haven't gotten any in yet. Momma promised me she would call every day and see if they have it in yet.
 I can't wait!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Results

So, Friday morning, Momma got up, got ready, and left for work. 
I, on the other hand, got to sleep in with Daddy.
(sorry about the quality, taken with a cell phone)

Momma came home, picked us up and off we went....to another V.E.T.'s office and one I've never been to.
I get a little nervous when at the V.E.T. and this is the only decent  photo Mom was able to get while we were there.

Some man came out talked to Mom and Dad for a minute and then took me away. I didn't really like that too much, as you can imagine. The man put some stinky alcohol on my tummy and then took some pictures. Now, you remember I told you I couldn't have anything to eat, right? Well, the lady forgot to tell Mom and Dad that I needed to have a full bladder.  So, while I stayed there waiting for my bladder to fill up, Mom and Dad went out for lunch!  Can you believe that? Here I am so hungry I am in the grips of death AND being left alone with some strange man. They just walk away, hop in the car and go eat lunch. They even had breafast food! Humph!

When they came back, the strange man (the doctor) came back out with me and I was so excited to see Mom and Dad! Daddy said it was a good thing I wasn't a big dog or I mighta pulled the doctor down and drug him across the floor.

We haven't heard from my V.E.T. yet but this new doctor told Mom and Dad that my insides all looked normal!
Happy Dog Dance!
Peanuts Snoopy Happy Dance Icon Icons Emoticon Emoticons Animated Animation Animations Gif Gifs Charles Schulz Pictures, Images and Photos
He did say my kidneys looked old....WHAT?
 Who is he callin old?
And, what do old kidneys look like anyway?

He did say that he would suggest a repeat sonogram in about 6 months because any problem can start very small.  He also said I should have a blood clotting test run with Dr. Abby to make sure my blood is clotting properly. I do pass blood clots on occasion so it must be clotting some, right?
He also said I could have some blood vessels leaking in one of my kidneys from a stroke or aneurysm. It sounded like he didn't think this was a big deal. He said they could do surgery to find out which kidney it was coming from and then remove that kidney if Mom and Dad were really worried about it but I'm thinking that is going just a little too far. 
So, basically, we don't have any answers but we do know that I don't currently have any tumors or cysts that are bleeding or anything else seriously wrong.
Once Mom and Dad talk with Dr. Abby next week and we make a plan, I will let you know.

Now, after talking to the doctor, we went out and I tinkled in their grass. I got in the car on Daddy's side and he opened the glove box. You will never guess what was in there!
Nope, not a burger and a beer like Puddles suggested but it was a bag of treats ;o)
I couldn't even wait until he got that bag opened....I was trying to open it with my teefers. Once it was open, Dad tried to reach in and grab one of those treats for me but I pushed his hand outta the way and stuck my snooter right in that bag and grabbed 2 treats out and chowed down. There were 2 more treats in that bag and he gave me those too.

I love my Daddy!

When we got home I went straight to my food bowl, had a small snack and then off to take a long nap.

It was a stressful morning and I was really tired!

Seriously, Mom?

I'm trying to celebrate here!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Tomorrow's The Day

My sad, pathetic face didn't work.  I thought sure I was gonna get outta going to this new V.E.T. with this face I gave:

Nope! Momma told me I have to go at 11:00 in the morning.
So, I thought I would try looking even more pathetic because it usually gets me what I want!
I even shed a tear or two.

But NO!
 Momma said I could give her the saddest look ever and I still had to go and have this "sonogram" done.
I don't even know what a "sonogram" is.
 Is it gonna hurt? 
Will they give me that medicine that makes me feel all loony tunes like when I get my teeth cleaned?

 She just told me
 I can't
to eat
after midnight!!!
I'm already starving just thinking about it.
I mean, look at me......

I've become so weak I can't.......

PS: I don't know if we will get our results tomorrow or not.  We have to have the test done at a different place but then the results will be sent to my V.E.T.