I'm so lucky to have so many furiends!

Friday, January 31, 2014

Twix's Flashback Friday

I haven't had time to review Twix's old posts and choose one for today so I thought I would just share some pictures of her from before she started blogging.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

I have an issue with cardboard!

Being a puppy mill dog, I really don't play very much.
I do have an issue with cardboard though. 

It is very important for the cardboard 
to understand who is in charge....

Sometimes you even have to stand on the 
dreaded cardboard to make it understand....

Tearing cardboard is A LOT of fun!

And, it is great if you can get away with 
doing it and not getting in trouble!

Note from Mom:
We've been trying to show Taffy how to play for a long time now.  She occasionally will find something like a cardboard envelope and have some fun with it.  Sometimes she will nibble on your hand for a few seconds and then she just stops and can't be enticed into "playing" any more.  She doesn't have much interest in toys.   I know she is happy but it would be great for her to enjoy playing too.
 Thoughts, ideas, or suggestions greatly appreciated!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

A Package from Twix?

My mom has been lazy and has not been helping me post very often or helping me visit my furiends.  She says she has things to do..... Whatever!  I've heard some of you mention that good help is hard to find and I totally agree!

A few weeks ago (actually, it was before Christmas), 
I got a package in the mail.
Look who it was from!

Way back at the Halloween Ball, Angel Weenie brought my sister, Twix, down to see me.  He took Twix, her Hero, and his girl, Amber for a fly around on his magic bumble bee to see all the fun activities.  Mona's mommy helped Twix by sending me a package.  This cute card was inside:

Inside the card it said that Twix was proud of me and she was glad I was here to take care of Momma and Daddy.  She also told me she loved me!  That is a first....she was never really happy that I came into her home even though I gave her a reason to hang around for several more months.

Twix sent me this cute penguin stuffie because I was a penguin for Halloween.  I had to give it a real good sniff over and it smelled like Mona and Prissy.

There was also this cute door hanging for my momma.  
We named him Peanut.  
That was what Momma called Twix.  
Isn't he sweet?

I loved my special package from Twix (and Sarah).  

Excuse me....I've got a penguin stuffie to play with!

In case you don't know her, 
Mona is another wire haired dachshund.  
Please go and say hello to her and her family. 
I know they would love to see you!

Thank you Mona, Prissy, and Mommy for my special package!
Momma and I loved it very much!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

I had to go to the V. E. T.!

On Saturday, Mom and Dad took me to the V. E. T.'s office!  I don't know what on earth I did to deserve that punishment.  I must admit, I have been having some back pain recently.  I think the pawrents were a bit freaked out when they realized I was having back pain.  You know, us doxies can have some pretty serious back problems.  I started crying when Mom or Dad picked me up and was hesitant when I went in and out the front door because we have 2 steps out there.

 I asked my Daddy to pick me up cuz I was nervous.

He picked me up and put me on the table! 
That isn't exactly what I meant!

Dr. Abby and Wendy came in and checked me out.
Dr. Abby felt my neck first.

Then she checked the range of motion and felt all down my spine.
I was brave, I didn't cry but she determined I was having neck pain which was causing other places down my back to hurt.

Fortunately, she was able to determine that my pain was muscular and not something more serious.  She used a cold laser on my spine to help loosen the muscles.

 I don't mind this too much.  

She gave me some Metacam to take for pain and told my pawrents that I need to get massages!  
When Mom or Dad rubs my neck and shoulders it is very relaxing and I love it....A LOT!  
When Mom told Grandma, she asked if I was stressed out.  Hmmmmm......wonder what else I can milk this situation for?

Mom says I have "pep in my step" now that I am feeling better.  I do have more energy since I'm not hurting as much and more energy is good!  I'm back to taking much longer walks, rolling and roaching in the grass and running through the house like a herd of elephants! 

I did have to get the dreaded nail trim and even more dreaded butt squeeze.  I think it was worth it though.  Now if I could just figure out a way to get there without riding in the stupid car!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Twix's Flashback Friday: To My Loyal Fans

This post doesn't just bring back memories of Twix but also Mango.  I know they are having a blast hanging out at The Bridge.  Can't you see the two of them together....Petite princess Twix and the Relentlessly Huge Mango?

Today's Flashback was originally posted on
February 1, 2010.

To My Loyal Fans

I just couldn't believe it when Mom told me I won "Reader's Choice" at Mango Minster 2010. There were so many great hounds competing it still just blows my mind! Thank you so much to each and every one of you that voted for me. I am greatly touched.
Let me set the scene for you.....
Mom comes home from work, brings in the groceries (nothing in there for me), puts the groceries away, and then gives me my daily treat. Just normal stuff. Nothing special, right? Then she boots up the computer and quickly checks Mango Minster and sees that I won. She came into the living room to tell me and sees me napping under my covers. 

She yanks the covers off me and wakes me up. 
"Twix, why are you sleeping? Your public has spoken!"

Huh? What? 
What in the world are you talking about? 
You really have lost your marbles haven't you? 
I don't know what she was expecting me to do. 
I wasn't hearing any food being opened in the kitchen.
"Twix, you won Reader's Choice at Mango Minster!"

I'm not sure I heard that correctly.....she assured me I did.
Oh, my, I'm feeling faint.....

Next, the Pupparatzi showed up....

I had to give my adoring public what they were waiting for.....

Ok, enough already! 

Stop, please stop!

One more? Ok....but only of my paw. 
I'm certain my cute feeties are what cinched the win for me.

Thank you to all who voted for me. I am honestly stunned!
As Frankie Furter said.....
I'm a Winner Wiener!

Onto the news about the actual competition part:
The judges came into the ring first. Don't Martha and Bailey look totally fab? Um, I'm not quite sure what to say about Mango though. You don't suppose he was pranked do you?

Winner of 3rd place was,,, 

Winner of 2nd place was,,,

And first place goes to.....

A true hound if I ever saw one!
Now, get over there and vote for your favorite in the Herding Group!
Also, stop by Mango Minster to view all the judging results and to get links to all the competitors and judges.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Friday, January 3, 2014

Twix's Flashback Friday: Toes on Tuesday

Taffy has very different feet than any of the doxies I have had in the past.  Previously, I've always had smooth doxies.
This previous post had lots of comments about dog feeties smelling like friTOES and Twix's were certainly
friTOE scented, especially if she was warm and toasty.
Oh, how I miss those sweet feet!

Today's flashback was originally posted
on January 26, 2010.

Toes on Tuesday

My mom has this thing about paws.

She is constantly taking pictures of mine.

She sniffs them too.

Then she says they smell good.

I think she stopped taking that medication the doctor gave her......

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


I have been doing a lot of this today.... 

That pawty Sarge threw was the greatest ever!
Thank You, Sarge, for hosting the 
Blogville NYE Bash 2014!
My beau, Stanley, had a pawfect romantic date planned.
The evening was so magical I can't even begin to explain it.
You can see all the details here.

My favorite moments were when we had a quiet moment at our dinner table.....

and when Stanley and the Bad Dawg Agency sang a song for me and Roxy.....

Step back, ladies! 
That hawt guitar player is not available!

I apologize but I have a pounding head.
I need to take 2 treats and get some rest.

Thank you to everypup and everycat who hosted the pawty! 
I will never forget the night for the rest of my doggie years!