I'm so lucky to have so many furiends!

Friday, July 31, 2009

Flying Flower Friday

Finally Friday!
I'm not sure what the plans are this weekend but I heard Daddy say he is on staycation next week. I think that means he will get to stay home with me.
Oh, I am so excited!
If anyone would like to join me with "Flower Friday" please do. Looking at beautiful flowers is always a great way to welcome the weekend. If you do have a "Flower Friday" on your blog, let me know so I can make sure to stop by and take a look.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thursday's This, That, and The Other Thing

Welcome to Thursday!
My good buddy, Checkers, gave me this award last week and I love it! He actually made this for his furiends...I never knew he was such a talented guy. Thanks, Checkers! Your blog definitely rocks too!
Then, on Sunday, I won the 'Diggity Dawg Game' on Bijou's blog! Bijou and her Mom post a question each week from her blog archives. The first one who comments with the correct answer wins. And get this....you win a $20 donation to their local shelter in your name. Pretty cool, huh? Thanks so much, Bijou and Bijou's Mom!
We had a visitor the other night. We don't see cute little frogs too often since we are city dwellers.
By the time Mom went inside and got the camera he was almost at the top of the window. Then he climbed on the window sill and just hung out for a while.

Since our visitor was so cute I thought I would try looking like a frog. My first attempt wasn't quite right.

Lets try a different position.....Nope, still not right.

One last try and I got it!
Froggie Doggie!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Cute, Cuter, Cutest Dachshunds!

I wanted to share some cute doxie images with you today.
Here are some of my favorites.
Dachshunds as bananas? Who woulda thunk it?
Awwww....such a sweet face!
Uh Oh! The L@@K!
Nutin better than doxie love!
I know none of these are as cute as me
so I leave you with this as the cutest!
(Pulled from the photo archives before we had a digital camera!)
This video is awfully cute...its how Momma gets her "puppy fix".
I hope you enjoyed Sunday's cuties!

I've added a poll to my sidebar and would appreciate
it if you would take the time to answer.
It is just something I have been curious about.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Dinner Time, Snack Time, Bed Time

"Hey, Momma, whacha eatin?"
You guys remember when I stole some, right?
(If not take a look here)
So you know how much I love em.
"Can I have a bite?"
She ignored me and I didn't too much care for it.
I gave her my Elvis impression...'Thank you very much'.
No response, so I voiced my opinion...
more than once I might add.
STILL no response...
I tried to scare her with my demon possesed look.
Pretty scary, huh?
Ahhhh...that did the trick.
I will have to keep that look in mind for the future.
Can't you see the excitement on my face?
"Now whacha eatin?"
Hmmmm....a popsicle?
Mmmmm....this tastes pretty good. Glad I didn't have to go through all that work this time.
I could get used to this!
I hear her coming into the bedroom and I don't like it.
She always wakes me up....if she can find me ;o)
I'm sooooo warm and comfy, snoozin next to my Daddy.
And then this happens.....
"I don't think that is very nice, Momma."
I stick out my tongue and say, "Phhhbbbttt".
Hope I don't get in trouble for that.
I guess not, she crawled in bed and
all 3 of us cuddled up and went to sleep....
Sweet Dreams!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Flower Friday

Anyone know what kind of flower this is? We saw it at Powell Gardens and thought it was pretty even tho it is different. Just don't have any idea what kind of flower it is.
Welcome to the weekend!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

I want to encourage all my furiends out there to go over and visit K9 Health Solutions. They have a great blog that is packed with information for us K9's. You can pretty much find anything you are looking for that is related to pups over there including new pet products, info about our heath and caring for us cuties, recipes (They have a recipe for Peanut Butter Carrot Cake! OMD!), and their most recent post is about K9 inteligence. I know, WE don't need to read about that but our parents might need to understand how smart we really are! There is an IQ test for us too! I can't wait to find out what my Icebox Quotient is....I'm sure I will get one of the highest scores ever! They also have other dog's blogs on there so we can make more furiends! Who doesn't need more furiends? They even have a post about a darling dachshund that must be my twin. Oh! I almost forgot...they have a store that sells treats! Be sure and give your parents the L@@K so they will order some goodies for you.

Oops! This is supposed to be 'Wordless Wednesday'. Sorry, I lost my mind when I saw the carrot cake. I don't think this photo requires too many words.... I do want to say a special Thank You to my furiends at K9 Health Solutions for the wonderful review they gave my blog.

Monday, July 20, 2009


This is what happened after the grocery store run on Saturday.
Do your parents torture you this way?
They know I will work and work and work til I get these bags open 'cause there is food inside!
Just like any doxie on the planet, food is what I live for.
They think it is funny but I don't see anything funny here. Do you?
After some assistance I got to enjoy my spoils--but only one.
C'mon, isn't all that work worth an extra one?

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Support for Phantom

Lots and lots of us doggies are wearing T-shirts to support Phantom over at The OP Pack. I think I might be a day late but I still support you Phantom! In case you don't know, Phantom was recently diagnosed with the 'C' word. He had a tumor removed and now has to wear a T-shirt to keep him from taking his sutures out. Unfortunatley, Phantom doesn't like wearing T-shirts like I do. Phantom also lost his sister recently so they are having a tough time. Please go visit them and show your support.
Phantom, I really do understand how icky those sutures are. I got really sick about a year and a half ago and had them in my tummy. (Maybe I will post about that sometime) No fun at all!
I am a good begger especially when there are treats hanging in the air. I think I deserve extra treats cause this is extra tricky on the chair.
I don't know if you guys remember or not but a month or so ago, I was going over to Grandma's house to help feed the kitties and water the plants. When Grandma got back from vacation she brought me (and no one else!) a souvenier. She knows how cold I can get so she got me this warm T-shirt. I haven't shown it to you guys yet cause it has been pretty hot here but this was the perfect opportunity. Also, I don't know if you remember when I was in the parade and made mention of my aversion to other pups smelling my rear end. Because of that, this is the shirt Grandma and cousin Kayla picked out for me. Pretty fitting don't you think?
That is a piece of chicken jerky in my mouth and was what I was begging for. My furiend Lorenza introduced me to chicken jerky and I REALLY like it.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sunny Saturday

It was a B-U-TI-FUL day in our part of the country today! The sun was shining, the temps were great, and the humidity was not bad either. Very strange for mid-July in Missouri but I ain't complain' one bit. Momma and Daddy were working on the back patio today while I enjoyed the sun.
Hi Mom! I thought you were helping Daddy but I won't tell him you're goofing off.
It is quite bright out here....what do ya gotta do to get some shades around here? I am getting older and need to protect my eyes so I don't get cadillacs.
(cataracts--I had to put that joke in here for my Gramps!)
Hi Daddy! I'm glad you decided to spend break time with me.
Can you say heaven?
Hey! Where you going?
Then they went to the grocery store and left me home alone....they NEVER take me to the grocery store and I don't know why. I'm pretty sure I would love it. They brought in bags and bags of yummies and after I checked 'em all out it was time for more sunbathing in my favorite chair.
Then I did something that really confused Mom.
My favorite sunbathing chair...
...me sunbathing......
.....on the floor under my chair?????
What can I say? I was enjoyin the new floor!