I'm so lucky to have so many furiends!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Flower Friday, GABE, and Rainbows

I haven't done Flower Friday in a while but hopefully Mom won't be taking any more vacations from my blog. I've been thinking about demoting her lately.

Here is a collage of rose photos Mom took last week at our neighbors house.

You guys know Twinkie, right? And you guys know she did a lot of work getting GABE up and running for all of us to enjoy, right? During GABE I won 2 of the drawings. You can see my goody bag I received from Dory here. Well, the other thing I won was a painting from The Musketeers. I know I told you that at some point in the past and wanted you to be able to see the painting. Since I already have a painting from Cloud's Mom, Kathleen (whose blog was recently selected as a Blog of Note) I decided to let Twinkie know how much I appreciated all her work and asked The Musketeers if I could have a photo of her painted. Unless you have one of these types of portraits or have seen one you just don't understand how special they are. It is kind of a once in a lifetime experience the first time you see it. A couple of weeks ago, Twinkie's painting arrived and Mom and I sent it to her. She posted it in her Dear Twinkie post last week and I love the photo of Twinkie and the painting together and wanted to show it to you guys in case you haven't seen it. 

Isn't that the cutest thing ever? 
I want to say a HUGE thank you to The Musketeers for letting me pass the joy on to a special furiend of mine.  

One evening last week, Mom was over at Uncle David's and Aunt Shannon's house with family. There was a big thunderstorm and it got really dark out. Then the sun came back out ant there was the most beautiful rainbow. Mom said the colors were more vibrant than she has ever seen in a rainbow and the pictures don't do it justice. She said it looked like you could just reach out and grab it because it was so close. If you look carefully, you will see it was a double rainbow.

And, Uncle David and Aunt Shannon found out that they are expecting a baby girl that day too! Very exciting!
Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

More Birthday Happenings

Zona asked me the other day if my company was gone and  yes, they are. We had a lot of fun spending time together. Things are starting to get back to normal around here....it didn't help with Daddy being sick for a couple of days right after they left. Hopefully, we are going to get back to having a little time to read your blogs and leave a few comments. I'm sorry but Mom said we will have to click the "Mark all as read" button because there are well over 1,000 posts in our Google Reader. She said we will start fresh tomorrow so I hope you guys will furgive me since I hafta do what she says.....she is in control of the food after all!
Daddy is feeling better, thanks for all the well wishes. I know that is why he feels better now!
He did stay home from work with me yesterday ;o)
Guess what was in our mailbox.....no, seriously, guess!
I'll wait while you get your brains outta the food bucket!
Hope I don't fall asleep....

Daddy told me I got 2 things after he went to get the mail. Normally, he lets Momma help me open anything I get but yesterday he helped me open them before Momma got home and that made me extra happy! He even took pictures of everything for my blog. Isn't he sweet?
I got a birthday card from Mr. Frankie Furter hisself!
AND I got another birthday present from
Lilibell, Chewy, and their Mom!
(the same Lilibell whose birthday is 3 days before mine)

The card on the left is from Frankie. Here is the inside:

Isn't he  funny? You are such a super guy, Frankie! I hope your girls realize how lucky they are!
The card on the right came with my gift.
Here is the inside of it:

Inside the package I found this:

Lilibell's Mom makes pet jewelry and she made a necklace especially for me ;o)
OMD! I loves it!

Of course I had to try it on with my lovely yellow dress.
If Hero asks me out on a for real date, I think I will wear this outfit. What do ya think?

If you are interested, you can visit Lilibell's Jewels and take a look at all the beautiful things she has available.

Then, Momma came home from work with ANOTHER package for me. What? I can't believe this!
She helped me open it and inside were these
beautiful blog matching cards:

Mom's coworker and friend, S, made these cards for me! 
Thanks so much S! I can't wait to use them.
Anyone out there need a card from Twix?
Mom told me to let you guys know she is sorry she didn't get these posted last night but she was busy doing this:

She "accidentally" dropped some of that yumminess on the floor while she was chopping it up too!
I must say this is the bestest birthday ever.
I think I will turn 11 next year too!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy 11th Birthday to me!

I know there has been a lot of stuff put on here about my birthday and Mom made me do it. You see, last year she was sick and I didn't get anything. Yep, that's right, nothing. What an awful Mom, right? The only mention of my birthday on my blog is here. So, she promised me that she would make it up to me this year and talk about it on my blog. At least she kept her promise!
You guys remember those 2 boxes from Amazon that came and Mom wouldn't let me open them? Well, she wouldn't let me open them because they were for my birthday today. And this is what was in the first one:

Teeth cleaning stuff?
I was hoping for something a little more uh, less torturous.
Mom says she got this because I won't let her brush my teeth so she wanted to try something else. She didn't realize that the dental chews were rawhide so she says she is gonna ask the V.E.T. to see if it is okay for me to have them frequently.
The second one had these:

A new collar and leash.
It's about time, I was about to wear the other one out!
I got two more packages in the mail this week too.
One from my Hero with a wonderful card inside.,,,

....and this beautiful collar and leash.
I am one lucky girl to have such a fashion conscious guy!
And he is so sweet too!

I'm so excited!
I've never had 2 sets of collars and leashes to switch back and forth. This is gonna be fun!
Thank you so much, Hero (and Cheche and Koko)!
I love it!
I've been wearing it all day.
Well, except for when Mom made me take it off so I could try the other one on.
Don't tell her, but I like yours better ;o)

The other package had some wonderful foodables in it!
Not too long ago the DWB blog had posted about Fresh Pet wanting dog bloggers to try out their food and write a review. This was before Mom knew I had thyroid trouble and she emailed and told them about my hair loss issues. We found out that I was picked as one of the ones to review Fresh Pet food. So, honestly, this wasn't a birthday present but since it came a couple days before my birthday I'm including it.
Mom decided to save it all til today and use the slice and serve as my birthday cake. So, she opened it last night and cut out a couple pieces and then stuck them in the freezer, thinking it would be a great treat after a walk.
We walked over to Grandma and Grandpa's house. On the way back my friend, Baxter, was out and I stopped and visited with him and his mom.

When we got home, Mom got my 'birthday cake' out of the freezer. Then she had to tell me something about this is supposed to look like an 11.....blah, blah.....

I don't care what it looks like!
Just give it to me already and stop flapping your lips!
(Notice how great my fabulous new collar
from Hero looks with my furs!)

I'm thinking I like it.

Although, I'm not quite sure.
Better try this other piece too.

Is that all there is?

Well, I have one thing to say....MORE!

I want to try all the wonderful things I got from Fresh Pet before writing a review so look for that in a couple weeks.
Look at all this stuff I got today!

And look at me with all this stuff I got today!

Yes, I did go to the V.E.T. yesterday in case you were wondering. They weren't able to do any tests because my mom, aka Dufus, forgot I had to take my pill 4-6 hours before the appointment. So, I will be going back next week.

Please cross your paws for my daddy. You may have noticed he isn't in any of my pictures today. He got bitten by the stomach flu bug in the middle of the night last night. Good thing it wasn't a flea or Momma woulda kicked him outta bed like she does me!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to my Daddy!

A little known fact about Father's Day is that I was born on Father's Day 1999.
And now I am celebrating my 11th birthday on Father's Day 2010.
I'll be back later after I get to open all my packages!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Lilibell's Birthday and More Packages

Have you guys ever met Lilibell
 Well, today is her 2nd birthday!
Since today is her birthday, that means mine is only a few days away....maybe I will get to open those boxes ;o)
I got two more packages/boxes in the mail today and I can't open them until Sunday either!
Lilibell is a special furiend of mine and I thought you might want to stop by and wish her Happy Birthday!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Just Checking In

I wanted to check in and say Hello.
I've been having Mom help me visit a little each evening but we aren't leaving comments, just reading for right now. We have spent some time with our family that is here visiting. Mom will be going on a road trip with them later this week but I don't get to go. Not fair!

I bet you want to know what I've been up to, don't ya?
Well, I've been doing a little napping....

And I've spent some time in the sun.....

I've practiced being cute....

And I've practiced being silly....

I've been protecting my front yard too....

Unfortunately, it started doing this yesterday
This picture was taken when it wasn't raining very hard!
It is supposed to rain here off and on all week so I don't know how many fun things I will get to do with the family but I will let you know!
Oh, we also got some packages from
amazon.com yesterday.
Mom says I can't see what is in them until next Sunday

Sunday, June 6, 2010

My Vet Visit

I went to the V.E.T. again yesterday. I'm really getting sick of that place! Even though I didn't tell you I was there last Saturday too. That is 3 Saturdays in a row.


Last week, they were thinking about doing an xray because I still had blood in my urine after being on the antibiotic for a week. Mom and the doc decided to put me on the medication for another week. Well, that worked! When I went yesterday, my urine had no blood in it and no other signs of infection! The doc did say that it was a bit diluted and that could still be a sign of Cushings.
They also retested my liver enzymes and they were better than 2 weeks ago but still too high. So, it was decided to wait a couple weeks and test again since it has improved. I have another appointment in 2 weeks and they will check my thyroid at that time.

Do I have to go?

A few of you asked if I had gotten dark spots on my skin and yes, I have. Mom thought it was just age spots and didn't know that was a sign of low thyroid. You guys are so much smarter than I knew!
Unfortunately, we don't really have any answers yet but Mom and Dad are confident that we will get there.

 We will be away from blogging for a couple of weeks but might be able to check in occasionally. We have family coming to town and will be spending time with them.
Try not to miss me too much!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Have You Met....

.....my Hero?

He is soooo handsome!

And very brave!

Look how cute and snuggly he is!

Don't you just want to cuddle up next to him?

He posted some pictures of himself
wearing his doggie speedos.

When I saw these photos I thought I was gonna faint!
It sure is hot in here!

Those wrinkles get to me every time!

If you don't know Hero, please stop by and visit him. 
 He has a great sense of humor that he shows in this post (which also features me!).
And you can find his poetry skills here.
Aren't I the luckiest girl in the world?
 He likes me even though I am a (teensy) bit older than him and I'm losing my furs. 
What more could a girl ask for?

Thursday, June 3, 2010

It's Friday!

I don't know about you guys but I am ready for the weekend!
My mom keeps mumbling something about a short week being a long week.
I don't get it. What is she talking about?
She also keeps saying things about me getting old.
Old? What is she talking about?
Just cause my birthday is coming in a couple weeks she is getting all mushy. Eleven isn't old is it?
So, my furs are turning gray....well, the furs I still have anyway. So, maybe I don't have as much pep in my step as I used to. So, I'm a little grumpier than I was.
I'm pretty sure Mom has a lot a few gray furs of her own and believe me, she can be grumpy! And I'm fairly certain she has taken a few naps with me which means she must not have any energy. I think I will go around and tell her she is getting old....she has a birthday coming up too!
Do you think that will get her to shut up not worry so much about my age?

It's Flower Friday!
Here is a photo of a Dorchid....
Doxie + Orchid = Dorchid
Get it?
Ok, I know its not great but it is the best I could do with this 'old' brain of mine.
Besides, Mom has not been out taking flower photos for me to use and we still don't have a new computer so I can access all my pictures.

Happy Weekend!