I'm so lucky to have so many furiends!

Friday, April 30, 2010

Today Is.....

Flower Friday!!!
I haven't done FF in a few weeks with Date Night but Flower Friday is back!
Here are a couple of photos Mom took when she was in Boston.  She worked almost the whole time she was there but was able to get out of the hotel one afternoon and found a little tulip garden.
I hope you enjoy!

Happy Friday to all my furiends!!!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

GABE Winnings

As you figured out, I received a package in the mail that contained some of my GABE winnings.  I say some because I won 2 of the giveaways!  Its good to be Twix!
I won a painting from The Musketeers. More about that when I receive it.
And I won a goodie bag from Dory's Backyard
My goodie bag came yesterday and let me tell you those were some definite goodies!

Um, Dad, could you get the card outta my way? Yes, it is very pretty. I already read it....I'm a speed reader and besides there are more important things in this box.

I smell something tasty in the very bottom of this bag!

Found it!

Hey! I found it first! Get your own!

I'm not kidding, Dad!

and noone will get hurt!

Dear doG, please give me some thumbs.....



Mom and Dad left me alone for a few minutes in the living room.....
and I helped myself! Did I say YUM yet?

Look at all this loot!
That little fire hydrant toy has a hole in the bottom so Mom can stuff it with treats!!!
Geez! Those cookies are soooo tasty I can't even keep my nose away for a moment.
Momma got some paw soaps (to wash her paws ;o)) and some homemade decorations.  The little chicken is hanging in our kitchen and it matches our colors too! We haven't decided yet where to put the puppy wreath that I modeled for you.

Besides all of that, Dory sent 10 buckaroos to help homeless pups in my name.
I also got a copy of the Samantha Cookies recipe and a beautiful card.
Dory, thank you so very much for my goodies! Mom and I totally love everything.
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
I'm off to see if I can find me another cookie!

Wordless Wednesday

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Need help with new background

Hey there! Mom and I have worked on getting this new background just right today by using the Template Designer in Blogger In Draft. We are really liking our new look except for the fact that neither she nor I can figure out how to center my header picture. It was always centered before and we didn't change any of that information. Does anyone have any helpful ideas?
We are hoping to get MY pictures off the old computer this week and can actually put some pics of me back on the blog. Here is an old favorite of mine:
Hope you all have a great week!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Date Night Part 3 The Big Announcement

I know this has turned into a lot of posts but I can't put this all into one. Just so you know, this is still all from the evening of the 17th. On with the party!
Hey! Did you guys know that doxies are angels? No?
I have proof.
Ginger and Baxter both with their angel wings. Candy with her wings and halo, and Momo sleeping in the clouds.
Wait, Candy isn't a doxie...
She is still an angel--she even has a heart on her head!
Tank has always had a thing for doxies....honestly, how could he reisit? That's why I fixed him up with Puddles tonight. Tank has been waiting for one of us doxie angels to fall. He got his wish tonight!
Yes, the mischevious Puddles has fallen from angel status and Tank is very happy!
I'm not at liberty to say what exactly Puddles did......
Shhhh.... I'm gonna eavesdrop and see what is going on over here.
"Listen here little one"
"Whats the problem TD?"
"You can't be blaming me for those
bad things you are doing."
"Well, who do I blame?
You wanna help me put the blame on Phantom?"
I better remember to tell Phantom about that scheming Ciara is doing.
Wonder where he is....
There's Mochi trying to teach Chip how to do doga....being a true doxie, Chip found a comfy spot and watched.  Auggie and Santa are playing hide and seek.
Maybe Phantom is on the other side of the room.
Hmmmm.... I see Oskar challenging Minnie to an ear wiggling contest, Booker asked me when the party was gonna start and Xena is simply pretty in pink tonight!
I guess I'll look in the dining room......
Nope, I don't see him here either. Midget Molly is in here practicing her modeling poses for Chi Fancy magazine, Khyra is trying to hide her peanut butter addiction, Abby is waiting for breakfast, and Guinness is trying to convince Minnie he is better looking than Calvert.
Phantom! There you are. I've been looking for you.
Hi Twix! What's up?
Well, I wanted to tell you about....Hey!
Who is that masked man?
It must be....
Let me get my bone phone and make sure.....
It is!
It's our favorite love doctor....Cloud Suave!
I had a small chat with Cloud and he made his rounds talking to and winking at all the ladies.
He saw a few of the guys hanging out and spoke with them for a while too.
Next thing I knew, Cloud's phone rang and he was off to save the world again.
Now, lets go see Sallie and find out if his visit did the trick....
On the way over to Sallie, Hero and I walked past a bunch of comedians sharing the stage.
Halle was being a clown, Mesa was just being goofy, Bolo was doing a stand up skit about the horrors of living with humans, and Sally Ann was doing an impersonation of Sleeping Beauty-ful Pup Princess.
Some of those acts must be pretty good. Look at those pups in the audience.
Lorenza is laughing so hard she is rolling on the floor. Molly has a huge smile on her face and Shingo is giggling. I don't think Dodo likes the act she is watching!
Oh, there is Sallie! Hero, look! She is no longer reading and is visiting with Indy!
That chat Cloud Suave had with those hedawgs worked!
They do look quite cute together, don't they?
Hero, I sure am glad to be here with you instead of one of those silly boys!
Hey, why are you wearing your shades?
You're kidding! The sun is coming up already?
Lets check out the dance floor again and make sure all is well then we can have breakfast.
Goodness! Things are getting crazy over here.
JD and Max are doing the 'Hustle', Bailey is doing the 'Snaggle Tooth', Lily is doing the 'Limbo', and Mona just started a new dance craze called the 'Roach'.
Lorenza is getting breakfast ready for all of us. I think she has been taking lessons from her mom and grandma.
Well, Piper can hardly wait to get those great cookies. Boomer took a seat at the table and dug in and Lola didn't even get to the table before she grabbed a taste. And, Halleigh, sweet Halleigh. I told you during the arrivals she was loco over Brinks. How much crazier can you get? She isn't even interested in the food....just that picture of her man. Cukoo for Coco Puffs I tell ya!
Lets take a look outside now that its daylight.
Twix, wait!
Oh, hey Brutus! Something wrong?
Nope. I wanted to talk to you about my girl, Stella. Do you think she will like my outfit?
Of course she will, Brutus. You know she loves you.
Thanks Twix. Don't go anywhere, I'll be right back with Stella.

Stella, my beautiful flower.....
Yes, handsome.
You are such a special wodawg and I can't live without you.
Will you uh, I was wondering if, ummm, you would give me the honor of.....
being your husband?
What I'm trying to say is, Stella, will you marry me?
I had no idea that Date Night would turn into
Engagement Night!
Cappy says break out the champagne!
We can use Puddle's water bowl to serve the drinks....
JD and Max were first in line.

And their girl, Sasha, decided it was time to drop a hint.
"OMD! Isn't this so romantic? I would love to experience such a wonderful proposal"
Well, I thought things were crazy before but once the water bowl was filled with champagne things really got out of paw!
Lucky put on her pink rain coat so she could stand IN the water (champagne) bowl!
Tucker started dancing in the champagne bubbles.
Twinkie really did go for a swim in the toilet.
I found Gunther passed out on some pillows. He is not gonna be happy to find out he missed Twink in her bikini. Oskar thought everypup and cat had lost their minds and tried to find a quiet place to watch the action. Riley made so many trips to the water dish that he couldn't even stand up and fell into a heap on the floor. And Bella, who happens to be super sweet, hauled off and smacked her brother in the head!
I saw Indy trying to be a Christmas tree.
I decided it was time to see what the handsome
Hero was up to but on the way I found
Dottie and Rufus flirting......so sweet!
I found Hero......
Wonder how much time he spent at the water bowl.
I decided I needed a tinkle break and headed outside to the ladie's room.
On my way I saw Thunder passed out on the couch and Schatzi taking a shower! Schatzi must of really gone crazy....doxies hate showers!
Once outside I noticed Mia sprawled out on the lawn and I'm not sure what Groucho is doing but I bet he is gonna have a headache in the morning!
I'm afraid this place is gonna implode. I went and grabbed Hero and we ran out to where the limos were.
This is what we saw....
Riley and Star sent all the limos away and said they would be our chauffers.
Oh Cat Crap! This is gonna be a long ride home.............
To see Stella's answer after Brutus popped the question you will need to visit her blog in a day or two.
Thanks to every single one of my great furiends for making Date Night a wonderful success!
Don't forget to pick up your party favor below.