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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Grandma Update

Thank you to everyone who has been sending POTP for my grandma.  She is still in the hospital and will be for at least another week.  She has the para-influenza virus which is very serious for people that have compromised immune systems.  As Stanley and Murphy mentioned on the POTP blog, her leukemia is no longer in remission but her virus is a separate issue from the leukemia.  Of course, each one affects the other but the virus is not caused by the leukemia.  

Her breathing has improved since she went into the hospital.  She went to the hospital because she couldn't keep her oxygen levels at a safe level on her own.  She remains on oxygen but her level is more consistent and doesn't drop as frequently as it had been earlier so we are all encouraged.  I know several of you remember when this all started with my Grandma and it has been several years.  She is a strong lady and she will fight through this again.

Taffy and Grandma 2012

Thank you so much for keeping her in your thoughts and prayers.  It may be a little bit before I can get back to Blogville City Hall......hopefully, I don't get fired!